Denied Security Clearance

I was recently denied security clearance via a LBI check…the only reason I was given was “there was an incident on April 25, 2007” no more details…What is the process to request Amy additional information? And appeal ?

You have not provided enough information for anyone to give you advice. What application process did you go through? Who denied you? When were you denied? How were you notified? etc…

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Did you receive a statement of reasons or a letter from the USG? The documentation you receive would outline your ability to appeal.

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If you are aware of a situation happening on or about 25 April 2007 that MAY have a clearance impact I would say it DID have clearance eligibility impact. As others asked, was there a statement of reason (within 60 days of notification usually) was there an appeal process listed? As I understand, if there is no mitigation step for the “situation” they will not list an appeal step. You are free to reapply in 1 year but that doesn’t mean the slate is wiped clean. It just means you can reapply. I have had a few revocations where the former employee interpreted that as “wait one year, and you can come back.”