DHS Public Trust (Drugs)

Hi all. Unsure as to whether I should accept a conditional offer considering possible automatic unsuitable.

Applied for non-officer position within DHS/CBP. Was told previously that only drug use within 1-year was automatically disqualifying, but when looking today, realized the website cites 2 years. The time in question is a use of marijuana in mid-August 2017, putting it at 23 months prior to application and 24+ months by the time I’d be called in for a poly.

Two questions: 1, is this automatically disqualifying? I took steps to mitigate consequences (i.e. never went back to house where that party was located at, didn’t purchase weed the night of, no longer have contact with any of the people there & immediately cut ties with those who brought the weed), but since it occurred 23 months prior to application, I’m not sure if this matters.

2, am I better off turning down the conditional offer? I.e., will this affect future applications and clearance processes in the government, in particular non-DHS agencies?

The question comes up often as to what is the actual date used for the official timeline. I think each agency uses their own. My client uses the date the SF86 was signed. So if I submitted a person and they used 9 months previously, but the clearance would take well over 6 months…they would be denied because as of the date they signed it was only 9 months. If there is any way you can wait to sign the SF86 which seems days away from 24 months…I recommend doing so. Of course a straightup question of the recruiter can answer that question. Depending on your age at time of use you may be okay since it it is literally days away from 24 months. However if they have a hard and fast rule they follow, you fall just short.

Are you sure that 2 year standard isn’t just for CBP Officers?

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I do know age at time of use affects the timeline as well. IMHO and experience, once you hit 24…they seem
to want 18 months, 24 months or 36 months of no use. And my client ONLY Uses the date of signing the SF86.