Getting security clearance with drug use within the last year?

Hello, I’m 24 and I’ve applied for a position that requires Secret Clearance and filled out the SF-86 disclosing that I had tried THC with someone I was dating at the time in the last 6 months. I have no prior drug use before that point, no subsequent drug use, no drug charges on my record, no intent for future use of any drugs and we are no longer dating (though I used “friend” and not “ex-girlfriend” on the questionnaire because we had agreed to keep it platonic but we haven’t spoken since April). I did the pre-employment drug test and it was clean.
This is the most glaring thing about my history, I can’t think of anything else that would be a sticking point.

How does this impact my chances of being granted a clearance? What sort of setbacks might result or will I be interviewed by an investigator?

A few years back, the rule seemed to be no drug use at all for two years… then it seemed to be a year… now, who knows. I would not say it is an automatic disqualifier, but yeah you will probably get some extra scrutiny. Clean pre-employment drug test is probably a plus in your favor.

Of course, if you are currently in any kind of position that prohibits drug use, that could very well complicate things.

Just my opinion of course (even though I havent really said anything)


I have seen DoD clear one time use within the last year for both new contractor and one Army MI reservist - both used while visiting a MJ legal state.

The rules are changing…