Past drug use inquiry. Please help I am brand new to this process

I am being interviewed for a defense contracting position. The position requires a Secret clearance. I have never dealt with the clearance process before. I recently submitted my internal Pre-Screening Eval to the company. I was 100% completely honest about my past drug use. I tried explaining a bit but there wasn’t much space. I was hoping you could advise me on my chances of getting the clearance based on my past mistakes. The following is a complete and honest description of my drug use. It is the language I sent in on the Eval.

Marijuana; last use: December 8, 2013; I used it socially with friends who had it. I only used it on December 8, 2013, during my last use. Prior to my last use, I smoked marijuana socially with friends, but not regularly, while in school during the period from July 15, 2011 through July 4, 2013. During this time there were many periods of non-use. There were several month long periods or even longer durations (longest being approximately 3 months) where I did not use marijuana at all. My use was not habitual or constant during this period. Prior to this period, I only used marijuana one other time in my life, which was the first time I tried it. My first time was during the winter of 2010 where I briefly tried one marijuana cigarette, which a group of friends had. I know my past use was a poor, immature decision. I regret it. Once I began applying to the types of positions I wanted, I saw how drug use could negatively affect my chances. Thus why I have not used since my last use, and why I won’t be using again.

Cocaine; last use: January 2012; My last use was my only use ever. The cocaine belonged to a group of kids I knew. I experimented by taking an amount, which was what stuck to the tip of my right index finger, and put it in my mouth. That was all I did or ever did. I didn’t use the substance to get high. I merely made an immature decision and tried the aforementioned small amount of it.

First, will I get the chance to further explain myself beyond what I have written here on my Eval?

…All of my drug use came during my college and graduate years. I don’t think I made that as clear as I would have liked. I have no problem being 100% honest. I take responsibility for my actions. However, I would like the chance to explain myself to help prove my transgressions are in my past. I desperately want this job and to work in this industry. I made stupid decisions prior to applying without knowing the full consequences of my actions.

Second, in your opinion what are my chances of being granted the Secret Clearance?

…I have no other blemishes on my record whatsoever. Completely clean minus the above drug use, which I cannot explain now how much I regret due to it jeopardizing what I have always wanted to do. My drug use never affected any aspects of my life. I was always a good student, all through undergrad, law school, and my Master’s, and never got into any trouble in school or with the law.

I sincerely appreciate your advice and opinions on this matter. Thank you.

The pre-employment eval is determined by the company and whoever reviews it, there is no way to determine how they will view this information. If you do get to the security clearance application phase then provide this same information. There is enough information to mitigate the drug use, but it is also dependent upon the position and the agency as to whether they will accept it.