Didn't report a misdemeanor on previous BI?

I am submitting an SF-85p for a public trust and have two concerns. First, for background I was given an unsuitability determination for an SF-85p almost 2 years ago due to admitted drug use within a year. Can I expect that will be mitigated since it was only MJ and I havent touched it since?

Second, reading the section about police involvement, it occurred to me this time that I was given a citation for fishing without a license years ago which was eventually dismissed. It’s insignificant but technically a class 3 misdemeanor. I never reported it on the previous SF-85p, but I think I previously misread the section and had associated it with a minor traffic violation, and it was obviously under $150 since it was dismissed. I didn’t intentionally omit it. My question is, should I report it now? I don’t want to appear to contradict myself (especially when there will be additional scrutiny due to previous denial) but will the investigator/adjudicator be understanding of the mistake? Thanks.

No idea on the pot mitigation. For the citation, you have to be honest and list it if it meets the criteria (read each question carefully). If an investigator asks you why it wasn’t listed on the previous security questionnaire, again you have to be honest (sounds like it slipped your mind at the time or you misread the directions).

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