What is the difference between DoD CAS (DoD Consolidated Adjudications Services) and DISS? If I have a secret clearance posted in DISS, can it be seen in DoD CAS system? and vice versa?

I would like to know the answer to this as well.

DISS is a repository like Scattered castled; a database for clearance.

DODCAF is who does the adjudications for DOD clearances.

Sounds like a rather technical answer… In terms of OP’s original question - is this a “no” then?

They are essentially the same thing. DODCAF adjudicates, DISS shows the eligibility.

I thought that the names had changed (to protect the guilty?) when everything consolidated under DCSA. Their web site mentions DCSA Consolidated Adjudication Services which is the new name for DODCAF which itself was a consolidated of earlier separate entities such as the Army Central Clearance Facility (CCF).