Scattered Castles & DISS Question

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Is it possible that you can have an active/current TS/SCI show up on Scattered Castle (having been reajudicated and enrolled in continous evaluation) but not reflect on DISS (DoD) side? I am asking because they attempted to request a reciprocity request for the “reportedly active TS/SCI” from SC to DISS and DoD CAF denied it. Does this mean DoD CAF doesn’t take continous evaluation re-adjudicated TS/SCI from the IC side? Very confused.

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IC agencies don’t use DISS and TS/SCI eligibility would not show up. The responsible security office would need to send a letter verifying eligibility and enrollment in CE.


Hi Marko,

Thank you for your answer- So if a former IC officer (civilian government employee) had an active/current TS/SCI visible on Scattered Castle it will not reflect on DISS?

And if the DoD CAF which uses DISS does not take a reciprocity request-- is it possible that you end up having a TS/SCI with the IC but have to go through another TS/SCI investigation with DoD?

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Hopefully some folks on the FSO/CPSO side can chime in (not quite my bailiwick) and help you out, but my experience is that the two systems don’t play well with each other or security officials simply don’t want to make the effort to verify a clearance in another system (not sure which).

I’ve read anecdotal stuff and I had a colleague want to make a jump from an OPM investigator (now DCSA) role to a DoD position and the FSO on the DoD side swore up and down my colleague had no clearance because it did not show up in JPAS (now DISS). His clearance was in CVS (OPM’s clearance repository at the time). Some security folks think that DISS/JPAS is the end all be all for clearance information and if the information isn’t in there, it doesn’t exist as far as they’re concerned. He ended up not getting the DoD role because they claimed he did not have an active clearance simply because the clearance was not in JPAS.

I’ve heard of some FSOs taking the extra step to verify clearances in another system (if not in DISS/JPAS) but this seems to be the exception to the rule.

Plus, there seems to be the kind of muscle flex thing between agencies. According to some act of Congress (forgot the name), agencies are supposed to collaterally accept an active clearance (IC to DoD to State to DoE to whatever) to speed up the process and to not waste tax payer money. But again, it my experience it seems that agencies like to spring for a new BI if the active clearance is not from one of their sub-agencies.

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IC shows in scattered and again in each proprietary agency program that they share with nobody. I easily crossed DoD to IC sometimes 6 or more weekly. It doesn’t flow back the same way. And State doesnt work well with any agency. DISS really needs to be able to see Scattered. More of what’s broke.

I miss JPAS. DISS is trash and has a lot of problems.

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I know the Air Force doesn’t manage either of them. But, I can tell you every portal the Air Force has rolled out over the past few years is broke on arrival. I swear they release beta versions and let the field do the spiral development. Glitches, bugs, inop…not sure how we got to this point but it seems par for the course.

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