Not showing up in Scattered Castles

I was laid off about three weeks ago from a position with the Northern VA client that utilized my TS/SCI with a Full Scope. However since then when applying for jobs, I have been notified that my clearance isn’t showing up in Scattered Castles?? What does this mean, and how can I remedy it. I didn’t leave on the best terms with the client. So does this mean there is a problem with my clearance??

Scattered Castles is basically the intel community’s version of JPAS but is closed off due to having info on said intel community and geared more towards the SCI level. Ask the FSO to submit a request to transfer your info from SC to JPAS maybe? It could boil down to someone just not knowing what they’re looking at.

As Buddha mentioned - the two systems are completely separated, an official request has to be put forward to get your TS copied over…this brings over ONLY your TS as well as the date of the adjudication for said TS. I went from IC to DoD and when I look at my clearance in my companies security tracking portal I have the TS, the origin of the TS (SSBI), and the adjudication date but nothing else e.g. SCI, SAP’s, etc.

If it was serious enough they could be looking at doing something.

I think they were working with CIA and clearance info should be in SC. The new organization does not see the clearance in SC.