DOHA Starts Hearing CAC Denial Appeals

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The adjudicative criteria for review of background investigations conducted for the issuance of the Dod Common Access Card (CAC) is governed by DoD Instruction 5200.46 published in September 2014. A little known fact, at least up to now, was that the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), the same body that hears clearance denial…

CAC card denials and appeals… who knew?

Just to add my own two cents: I am cleared/briefed as a contractor with Agency A. Periodic update was submitted on time so I am still “active” but no longer “current” as it is taking for-freakin-ever to get adjudicated.

I was assigned to another contract part-time to support Agency B which required a CAC to access certain locations where they have things that need tending to. Agency B would not submit my CAC application because my clearance is not current.

Supposedly it has been worked out but I do not have a card yet.

Are they overreacting? Should there have even been an issue?

Funny you should mention this as that is the topic for my next post. Stay tuned…