Being told not Eligible for a CAC

I recently applied for a position to deploy. I am being told that I am not eligible for a CAC at this time. I honestly don’t understand why. I have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor and never had an issue obtaining a CAC. My information is still in JPAS from my last company. The guy initially told me that it is good for about two more months. I don’t understand why I can’t get a CAC at this time. Please advise.

There was an article on these forums about this, try to do a search for ‘CAC’ (assuming you have not already).

I was denied a CAC recently because my investigation is out of scope. I submitted the SF86 for the PR on time and as far as my current company is concerned I’m “active” if not “current.” Our security manager was able to straighten this out, fortunately.

I did search the forum but didn’t find answers specific to my question, thus the reason for the email.

@marko.hakamaa wrote about this late last year. I think this is the article @sbusquirrel was referring to.

Thanks but this does not provide an answer that is specific to my questions. :disappointed:

Same thing happened with me in may, I was denied a CAC card. I received a CAC card last year in January with a company called pae. I didn’t have a problem then, I didn’t get in trouble since then, and damn sure don’t want no problems now. I was granted an interim clearance but not CAC card eligible. Now everything is a waiting process I guess. I did my security investigation interview June 2nd of 2018 and still am waiting for the results. I think the reason I wasn’t denied because when I did my e-qip I had some errands with my addresses and work history. I may add that my credit is not so good and I did answer no to a question that I supposed to say yes to(nothing too major at least that what I thought). It was something like this “Have you ever been forcefully discharged from the military”.
Well I guess I can’t cry over spilled milk. I just have to move on and find another job that requires no CAC card to get me out of the struggle.

Common access card card

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