Drug misdemeanor

I know the outcome doesnt matter. A year ago I was arrested twice for misdemeanor possession of marijuana one which i got dismissed and the other not guilty. How long should I wait too apply for security clearance? I know this hurts my chances.

First, you cannot just apply for a clearance, you have to be in or been selected for a position that requires it. As far as the arrests, as you said, regardless of the outcome the conduct (drug involvement) is the issue and your history of use and other factors determine how long an appropriate period of abstinence is.

Yes I understand but as for just obtaining security clearance. So I am thinking 5 -7 years after said offenses occurred.

Drugs are not an instant barment from a clearance

The period of abstinence required is not defined but rather is dependent upon factors as stated previously like extent of use, how long used, why used, rehabilitation, and a stated intent to not use in the future.