Drug use and arrests

I have been smoking marijuana since I was 16. I stopped at age 21. I experimented with LSD, cocaine, MDMA, and some prescription drugs until I was 21.

I also have been convicted of an MIP of alcohol, misdemeanor malicious mischief, and am on non-adjudicated probation until I’m 24 for sale of marijuana.

If I pursue the possibility of being an FSO, what are my chances of passing a security clearance? I have since graduated from college, abstained from drug use, and am pursuing my Masters.

It really depends on when was the last drug offense was and if you can show what you have been doing to not use drugs again. The longer the better. I would say at least 3 years without another drug use.

I would advise you wait three years from the time you complete your current probation period before applying for a position that requires a Top Secret clearance. The issue of selling marijuana is the most serious and needs time to mitigate, along with rehabilitation (completion of probation/drug programs, abstinence, etc…)

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