Employment Verification

My previous employer said they use The Work Number for all verifications. Do you know if that will be a problem for that part of the background check/clearance process? Since it only gives basic information.

Not a problem and very common.

I was fired for misconduct. That company uses The Work Number for employment verification. It only shows basic information. Should I disclose that information on the applicable information?

Yes because the investigator still going talk to co workers and ur supervisor

Disclosing employment terminations is not optional, it is required. The reasons for termination will be evaluated and may not be an issue, but intentionally not disclosing it will be an honesty issue and will definitely affect your eligibility for a clearance.


I’m not understanding why this is an issue or even a legitimate question.

If you are seeking an employee suitability determination in relation to your job, you MUST provide any and all information exactly as the personnel security vetting forms ask for. No more, no less.

I am going to be completely honest.

Thanks I didn’t know they interviewed coworkers.

Make sure it’s listed under the employment section and the employment record. References are typically interviewed for employment and not necessarily the references you list, so it’ll come up. As others mentioned, intentionally omitting/lying is about the worst thing you can do.

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Wouldn’t this only apply to phone or inperson interviews, not tier 1/2 probes?

No, this applies to all levels of investigation as we are addressing the questions as asked on the SF85/86 forms.

The question was related to the implication for the investigation of employment information in the context of third party verifiers such as the work number, not filling out the form.

A lot of companies do that. My sister works for JCPenney and when I had to apply for public benefits for her, I had to go through their employment verification company. It’s important for your employer to know that they are not asking to verify your employment. They want to verify your conduct. The questionnaire is short but personal.

I would explain that to your supervisor or local HR person.

The questionnaire, as I recall, didn’t even ask dates of employment. It had the dates I reported printed on it, as I recall. The questions just asked:

  1. The nature of your operation, e.g. still employed, voluntary resignation, resignation en lieu of termination, etc.

  2. Whether you raise any potential security issues, e.g. suspected alcoholism, drug abuse, theft, misuse of technology, etc. It also gives them an option to be contacted about their concerns.

  3. Whether they recommend you for a clearance, yes or no.

The questionnaire is short and has bubbles to fill in. I went to a university for graduate school for two semesters. It was distance learning. I still had to provide the name of a professor, even though I had each once. I chose my favorite professor and warned him it would be coming. He wrote me back declining, because he “didn’t know me well enough to provide a reference.” Like, I’m describing for you, I explained to him that it’s not a reference, just a survey on conduct as a student.