Exaggerated employment dates on SF86

So I put that I was working at one place for 6 months when in reality I was there for 2 weeks. The owner said it was chill and that he would say I was there for 6 months if anyone asked, and this arrangement has worked so far. My investigator wants physical documents that show I worked there that long, but it’s an unpaid internship so there’s nothing (and I told my investigator that). No offer email, no W2, no paystubs, nothing. There is no way to prove that I did not work there for that long.

Now I’m not in hot water so far, but I fear that this will reaaaally bite me in the butt when it comes time to the polygraph and they ask me to verify my employment dates, to which they can see that I’m lying. I didn’t think of what would happen during the polygraph as I was filling out these dates. Should I just come clean and tell my investigator that I fudged the employment dates? Will that automatically bar me from the process and any future process?

Get ready for a BIG BITE.


Get ready to be disqualified under Personal Conduct.


The owner said it was chill? The owner said that they would corroborate a lie for you?

The background process is created specifically to keep individuals like yourself from getting a clearance.

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Just out of curiosity… what were you trying to obtain from lying about your job history? Just filling in the timeline?

Being unemployed wasn’t a deal breaker and even if it was, you are literally swearing the items you put in your documents are true and accurate. I can’t fathom why you didn’t pause at submitting that.

I’m not trying to attack you, I’m assuming you are around 22 or so, would that be correct?

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I doubt that you made the job of getting a clearance impossible but you made it much more difficult.

Yep . . . Self report. Now. Your investigator is asking for proof that you worked six months. That says, to me, that you have already been found out. Your boss may have told that it was “chill” but when a federal investigator shows up, he may realize that lying isn’t a good idea for anybody.

You are aware that a Secret clearance doesn’t require a poly . . . You didn’t say what level you are going after.

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Tough this reeks of a troll post…I support what all others stated. At face value…you have a problem. Can you be trusted? Telling a lie, even for no gain is wrong. Talking others into a lie…conspiracy…is a whole other level. Particularly as Ed captured it. I think the old boss may have strung you along…or strung you up and revealed to the investigator you asked him to lie…during a federal background investigation. At its core this entire process boils down to “can we trust you to tell the truth.” You answered that question right up front. “No.And when I lie I will try to talk others into telling lies on my behalf as well.”