Failed 1st Poly

@archaeochica… where are you coming from, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yes, I walked out of there defeated and exhausted.

The second time should be much quicker.

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@Trey3 coming from Midwest.

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@archaeochica… gotcha. How are you enjoying our side of the country so far?

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@Trey3 I love this side of the country. Looking forward to living here. :slight_smile: Thanks for responding! Any news on your stuff?

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@archaeochica… you’re gonna love it over here — once you get the job — cause you will!

Nah, not yet.

@archaeochica… if you’re staying where I think you’re staying, there’s an ok place to eat across the street. Don’t eat that hotel food. It’s bad for your health…lol.

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@Trey3 All hotel food seems bad for the health. LOL

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So I’ve read through some of the blogs answers and such. So I took a CI poly in August, and was told that I “didn’t do this time”. After the second portion about my lifestyle im assuming asking about serious crimes and such, he said that I was reading as a completely different person. I thought and thought about what I had done in my past that could of screwed me up. I was confident and calm through the polygraph yet I apparently failed. I was asked if I would be available the following week yet I never got a call or an email to set up my date. I have still as of October not heard anything to reattempt my polygraph. The company that is sponsoring me for this says they know nothing. Anyone here that can shed light on this?

Sorry to hear that you are currently in limbo waiting to be rescheduled. I failed my poly twice, but I was going for a position directly with an IC agency. I got through it my third attempt and I was fortunate to be rescheduled immediately while on site. Good luck!

Polys suck overall. I had to be poly’d 3 times before I passed my first CI poly: “Well, you passed, but you popped high on two questions.” WTF?

When I took another one 5 years later, I was done in an hour but I went into it FURIOUS.

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Scheduling the poly is tough, seems they are all backed up. And contractors often have a lower priority. Who knows, maybe they’ll look at it and decided you passed after all. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I failed my first two Polys while I was in undergrad. It was probably a combination of nerves and the fact that I was not allowed to eat all day because of the same-day medical, but I stayed waaaay longer than any other applicant because my examiner couldn’t even get a good baseline from my control test. I think it was past 6:00 PM when I got out of a Poly scheduled for 1:30 PM. I got a letter the next week saying my offer had been rescinded.

I took another one just last month. I also had Trey3’s f*ck it attitude and actually passed on the first try this time around.

VA for the undergraduate internship. Current position is for DHS.

EDIT: should mention current position is hired under a contractor for DHS.

Josh_allday, have you heard anything yet? I have read through some of the feed and I am trying to figure out what is going on with my poly appointment? I had my 1st test in August (2019) I did not pass and have yet to get an email to reschedule? I have emailed my contact to get a status and of course all they can say is “Unfortunately, they’re pretty backed up right now so it’s a little slow but I can confirm we are just waiting for another appointment”
This has been the longest process ever!!

Yes it took 4 months for me to get a second appointment. It really jjst depends on their scheduled availability

Hi, I know this post is over a year ago but you seem like you know the polygraph process pretty well.

I currently possess a TS/SCI with a CI Poly for a 3 letter agency. I’m currently in the process of getting a Full Scope for a different 3 letter agency. The first time I went, I definitely failed, I wasn’t prepared and I was super nervous - I knew that I did not well.

I was invited for a second time in which I passed the “personality questions” but was told that I failed the CI and Lifestyle portion. I felt extremely confident in my answers and had previously gotten good sleep, worked out, and had a nice full breakfast.

The third time (recently), I was told that I passed the CI and Lifestyle portion except for one question. I was grilled by the polygrapher to be honest but I had nothing new to tell the polygrapher and I knew I wasn’t being dishonest. I was then told that I could not be passed since I wasn’t truthful about one question. The polygrapher then told me that I would be invited back for a 4th time to mitigate the question I could not pass. I’m 100% certain that I wasn’t spoking on that question and I think this is one of the methods that this three letter agency polygraphers use to try to get people to divulge more information.

Does this sound like a normal process? It strikes me as odd that I was able to pass my CI polygraph that I currently possess the 1st time but am now running into major issues with this FS for this other agency. The Lifestyle question I couldn’t “pass” isn’t even a serious question, it’s one that I know for a fact I have not done.

The good news is that I passed every portion of the test except for one question. It just doesn’t make sense that they’re going to bring me in “mitigate” one question.

Oh it definitely happens. Hopefully you will get a different examiner.

I’ve gotten a different examiner the times that I have gone. I’ve heard this agency can be pretty anal about their polygraphers and use these certain methods.

They are still going to make you do the whole thing over. Good luck.

Not necessarily, I’ve heard of people only redoing part of it, but that was after two or three ‘inconclusive’ tests. But yeah, if you are dealing with an agency that will do more than a couple tries (and not all will) then the first two times at least you will almost certainly do the whole thing.