Family Domestic Violence

My brother had an incident with domestic violence, it has been close to 12 years. I was a kid at that time and was not involved on any of this issue. Should I disclose to my background investigator?

Unless your brother is still in prison for that act no, you do not need to report it.


Were you the victim? If you were charged, yes, if it purely involved brother at best say you were party to court proceedings as victim or witness.

No he is trying to correct it now that his kids are much older as he want to be a role model for them; as a matter of fact he wanted to submit an app for LEO but the attorney that is handling his case is a lazy one, he has been trying to get it expunged since 2020 and the lawyer has been giving excuses to not do it, he problably scammed my brother out. I currently live with him, not because he is my brother but I can vouch for him that he has changed, well to think that he wants to apply for a local pd speaks alot. I just do not want any surprises. I was just told to disclose it. I am not sure how well or bad.

The domestic violence conviction in many cases will prevent one from any weapon carrying position. Expungement is not a cure all for cleaning past behavior.

His conviction should not impact your clearance chances.


Truth. The Lautenberg ammendment is hard to get around. If lawyer keeps billing hours and generates no research or case law review to show where he is headed…cut ties. Good on brother for making ammends living clean