Federal Misdemeanor

Are there any positions in gov’t that you can be cleared with a misdemeanor on your background?

Depends… What was it for? How long ago? Do you have other similar conduct on record?

I pleaded guilty to a felony charge in 2014. All requirements have been satisfied, as far as probation and restitution two years ago.

Prior to that I held a secret clearance. I am interested in applying for a federal job that requires a nonsensitive clearance. I am currently employed by a local government. Can I hold a job requiring a nonsensitive clearance?

Will depend on the details of your situatuon… mitigating circumstances, what the charge is, agency you will be working for and whatnot.

Thank you.

Bob St Clair

The general answer to your question is, yes. There are positions that you can get. As mentioned, the specifics are more important than the general question.

Time heals almost all wounds. But, it depends on the individual circumstances and mitigating factors.

Did you have your clearance when you were convicted? Those types of incidents usually never end well.

I resigned for personal reasons before I was convicted. I had a 5C Public Trust clearance.

I’ve seen shoplifters get a clearance, and more. The point is admitting guilt, and not having it be a point of leverage in your background. Also good if closure was not last weekend. Have some time between you and the incident and check with your laws in your state about reduction or dismissal of the charge.

@aorobert @EdFarmerIII
In October of 2015, I was charged with providing false information on the FAFSA. I was placed on one year probation from March 2016 to March 2017. Based on the information from my probation officer, the judge did not preclude me from federal employment.

I was informed by the HR Director to write the COO and ask for reconsideration. I have not anymore legal challenges. What do you think my chances are?

Definitely state your case. Your chances are zero if you don’t.