Trying to get top secret clearance

Good morning! Just a quick question, I am currently working as a federal contractor and currently have secret clearance. I am applying for a job which requires too secret and company is willing to sponsor me for that, but I got arrested in 2013 never been charged of any conviction. I even got that expunged as well from my record.
Will it be a issue to get my top secret clearance?

Thanks a lot.

That is way too vague of a question to be able to answer. What were you arrested for? Did it involve firearms, explosives, drugs, alcohol, a crime of violence, a crime of a sexual nature? Depending on very important details it may very well affect getting a clearance. Why were you not convicted? Was it deferred adjudication? Did you take classes? How were you able to expunge your record if there was no conviction? My suggestion, read the instructions on the SF86 very carefully and pay attention to things like 7 years, 10 years, and ever and also look closely for sentences that include words like charged or arrested where conviction does not matter. Do not lie because they will find out. List what is required and then answer all the investigator’s questions about it at the interview. Be ready to give the investigator all The Who, what, where, when, and why’s. Good luck.