Financial assets

Was curious to know if investigators learn of my networth ? I don’t care if they do learn, but I’m curious how they would come to know? Because it doesn’t seem to be a question on sf86 only debt related questions. Interview perhaps? This would be for TS/SCI

we normally don’t care unless how/why you have wealth/financial issues is the concern.

@backgdinvestigator thanks for the info surely I’m over thinking as I thought my wealth would raise eyebrows for my age

While I have your attention. I live in Bay Area(silicon valley) I know lots of foreign nationals perhaps two dozen, they live in USA. But many holes. Like I don’t know their legal name (they use English one they picked) I don’t communicate with them anymore. Mostly due to covid or some lost job and moved home… honestly I feel being associated with them isn’t good for someone trying to obtain a clearance so have kept distance since defense co wants to make offer. This would probably be required if I earn a clearance?

I’m so worried about the process because it requires me to quit a high paying job it would be terrible if my file was rejected before adjudication or immediately once received

Generally what is being looked for here ? Someone I know that is in the CCP? So the woman here in Silicon Valley working for Facebook probably not a problem?

Thanks you so much in advance

/worried patriot

I’m going to jump in here as well as I have a few thoughts:

I assume the wealth “for your age” comment means you’re young and wealthy? It shouldn’t be relevant unless you got it through some sort of nefarious means. It probably won’t even be discussed. The investigators are more concerned with large amounts of debt.

As far as the foreign nationals go, the form will ask “Do you have, or have you had, close and/or continuing contact with a foreign national within the last seven (7) years with whom you, or your spouse, or legally recognized civil union/domestic partner, or cohabitant are bound by affection, influence, common interests, and/or obligation?”

Don’t make it harder than it has to be. It’s either yes or no. Answer the question honestly.

If you have, you’ll have to list them. I know you mentioned you don’t communicate with them anymore, etc but remember the time frame. Just because you don’t talk now doesn’t mean you can omit them. If your contact falls within the seven year period, list them.

You’ll have to include details about them. Just do the best you can filling out the section and then you’ll be able to clarify in your interview. If you knew them by their English name, list that.

As far as quitting your job- this process takes time. Do NOT quit your job until your investigation is complete and you have a start date.

Also, I am not sure what you are asking when you say “what is being looked for here?”

Interesting. On this topic, a few days ago I received an email from an FSO of my contract company processing me for TS/SCI, where I was asked to fill out an additional bunch of forms “before the CI process can begin”. One of the forms I had to complete was Personal Financial Statement and in there I had to list things like Real Estate holdings, bank savings, expenses, etc. I don’t remember that being asked in SF-86 either. Anyway, I submitted that, hopefully now they’ll be able to proceed quicker.

Thank you.

Yes obviously I would list them all. Including colleagues I’ve hung out with or even just spoken to outside of work. I heard some people don’t list colleagues so I was only planning to list those I hung out with outside of work (non team sanctioned). I guess where I’m coming from is I feel just knowing these people would get me rejected. People tell me I’m in Bay Area you would probably get rejected if you didn’t have a long list. They are looking for military ties or people over seas. The people I know love America more than some current citizens (sadly). Either way I feel this adds huge complication to my application and it’s just easier to reject me. You guys are over worked, it’s truly a thankless effort

With that being said, you said wait for investigation to complete. The process I was told when defense co has budget they will make me offer(already passed Interview), in 30 days from hire I have to submit application. Seems I have to quit my current job and join the defense co. Should I try to negotiate a preliminary approval, can investigators make rejection decisions? Perhaps I join after after application sent to adjudication? Which I assume is only weeks after interview?Maybe what time frame do rejections happen? First 60 days then at the 18-24 month? They told me I can work for them up to two years while waiting. But I assume if I was rejected 3 months in they would let me go :frowning:

People who don’t list colleagues are mistaken. They are absolutely required to be listed.

Just knowing foreign contacts is not in any way grounds for denial. Plenty of people hold clearances who have multiple foreign contacts. Myself included. It does not add “huge complication.” The complications only become an issue if you omit people or lie.

Talk to your POC for more details about the hiring process. They may have a process for new hires that allows you to work on unclassified work until your clearance comes through. They may also try to get you an interim clearance, but that is hard to get and from what you’ve described I would be surprised if that happened.

Just do NOT quit your job and wait around for this process to complete with no instruction from the employer. You will likely be waiting a while and accruing debt in the process, which opens the door to more issues in the investigation.

Bottom line here is twofold. One- calm down about the foreign contacts. It is nothing to stress about. List them all as accurately as possible. Two- don’t jump the gun and quit your job without information from your new employer.

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Interesting. I fully expect the same. I will list all addresses of my residence, including my vacation home. This will likely open up a line of questioning. I don’t care. I’m proud of my hard work, diligently saved and wise investment choices. There are some questions on the form about foreign investments. Did you answer yes to any of those?

thank you

Ok I will list colleagues too .

Yes they do have unclassified work. Obviously I wouldn’t leave my current job until the new job is ready. Basically they told me “we must submit TS/SCI within 30 days after your hire date and we will wait up to 2 years.” So I took this once offer is made, resign, join defense co, then fill out the form. (Unlike DoD doing CJO and waiting for things). I asked what happens if my clearance isn’t finished in 2 years? They told me they are not seeing those delays because of the screening process they use. Such as family over seas? spouse parents are citizens?, no criminal record? etc). Those didn’t apply to me and said it’s those that tend to delay things. We shall see.

Thanks again

Moreover, answer all security questions in their literal manner. These aren’t trick questions left over from junior high; these questions are pretty cut-and-dried.

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Yes, exactly. They’re mostly very simple. It’s either yes or no.

the PFS is required for many sensitive positions, especially SCI/SAPs. Your “wealth” can be reviewed for debt to income level and/or to have you explain how you obtained that wealth.

This is not unusual as Subjects with financial issue are normally asked to provide an informal PFS during their interview.