Financial Concern on SF86

I have a little concern on financial issue. I have 3 derogatory accounts. One is $144 which I paid it off today, another is $455, planning to pay it off or plan monthly payment. And last is $4963, this one the number provided under contact information on credit karma is not going through and I can’t get in touch with them. I have had my PSI and poly (waiting for poly result), I reported the derogatory accounts but forgot to report collection accounts which are paid off because I didn’t see it on my credit history. What should I do?

If the collection accounts are within the last 10 years, you will still need to report them, whether they are paid off or not. Even if it is not on credit karma, the investigator should have been able to find out maybe as well. If your investigation is still open and you have your investigator’s contact info, let them know. If it is done and away with the investigator, let your FSO/security rep know and perhaps they can update it or have you do a SF86 change form if applicable.

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The investigation has not started yet.

How did you have a PSI and poly if your investigation has not started?

Oh okay, I thought it starts when they start calling people on the SF86.

Many people never find out when references have been contacted. Investigators often develop their own leads.

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Your investigation starts when the investigating service provider (ISP) accepts your SCA package.

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