Financial Support for a foreign national ( Parents)


I and my spouse has sent money as a gift and for medical expenses to our parents. Should I include this information on SF86 as a financial support? I am totally new on Security Clearance jobs. Please help me out if anyone has the helpful answer. Thank you


I would definitely list it on SF-86. In addition, if you already hold a clearance, you need to self-report this.

My father lost his SCI and subsequently his TS and S even though he obtained permission and self-reported financial support to his parents. After length process and trial, he finally was grant all clearance but that is an ideal you do not want to be involved in.

For my case, I don’t provide financial support to foreign nationals because all of my relatives are in the US. I have not even travel outside of the US for almost 20 years. However, my wife give gifts and money to her family oversea. I asked for and received permission before beginning to that. In addition, I self-reported each incident via email even though I am not required to. Same goes for spouse foreign travel, I report it and let security people decide if it is not permitted instead of mis/un-report and be called out.


Yes, it needs reported.


Absolutely and for the reasons stated above. Even when innocent, you need not visit that unholy situation on yourself. Can you appeal your way back to cleared? Yes. Do you really want to live through that? No. Over report instead of under report. Financial ties to any non US citizen needs weighed.


Thank you very much for all your time and helps. I appreciate your concerns. Happy fourth of July!