Financial support for any foreign national

On SF86 there is a question “Have you EVER provided financial support for any foreign national?” to which I replied NO but I do send money back home on my fathers behalf about $500 cash every year through Western Union. My father who is also a US citizen send this money as a gift to his nephews. This is in our culture. I have a Secret clearance interview coming next week should I clarify this to the Investigative officer since I replied NO on the form. Do they check my records against companies like Western Union and Moneygram.

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There’s no check against Western Union or MoneyGram . . . This isn’t the Soviet Union. They can’t just gather records from businesses to use against you.

Are you saying that you send money for your father? That it’s HIS money? If so, I would bring it up at the start of my interview. It shouldn’t turn into an issue. If some of the money was yours, you answered the question incorrectly. This still isn’t a problem just bring it up at the start. People make mistakes on the SF86 all of the time. We’re not perfect.

In either case, sending $500 to your nephews shouldn’t be an issue. This isn’t “support” . . . More of a gift.

LOL, “This isn’t the USSR”

He sends his money to his father and then his father sends the money to the nephews that are in another country that are not friendly to the U.S.

I think this is what the OP is trying to say.

I think this is solid advice. The OP should be ok if they bring up this topic immediately at the beginning of the interview. Don’t make it look like you are hiding something.

I sent money cash via Western union using my account. But this is my father’s money
which I am sending on his behalf. He sent this money as gift to his nephews living in India about $500 every year. My father is also US citizen and lives with me. Should I disclose this in the interview next week with the investigator. This is for Secret clearance.
On sf86 I declare that I don’t support any foreigner If I mention this now in the interview the investigator might be suspicious.

Any update on this? I kinda have the same problem