Investigator asked to provide international money transaction methods

My agent asked me to provide the method I use to send money to my mom who still lives in my home town. I’m not us born, but naturalized citizen. Does DoD really check monkey gram or western union transaction database to check my Transaction?

what agency and did you disclose that you send money or did they already know?

What difference would it make if they check your transactions or not ?
I do hope you answered yes to the question about financial support to foreign nationals.
If not, you are probably screwed.
If you were flagged by Fincen, consider your transactions well known…

Disagree with the suggestion that the original poster is “probably screwed” if he failed to disclose giving his mom money, e.g. financial support to a foreign national. My read of decisions on the DOHA site tells me that good-faith omissions are not published.

Sending your mom $250 a month in Honduras is one thing. Wire transfers of $9,990 a month to a charity in Gaza is something else.

I suppose it would depend on how it went down during the interview if he hadn’t disclosed the financial support.
If he did report it or had a chance to offer the information before being confronted, he’ll probably be fine on the personal conduct front.
The way his question is written made me think he had something to hide, hence my aggressive stance. That might just be me…

To my understand it does not matter if it was flagged or not by FINCEN it will be reviewed/investigated. Please anyone that is an investigator please correct me if I misspoke.

I’m no investigator, but you are correct.
If you disclosed said transactions in your SF-86, then you’ll be fine.
You will be asked various questions (transaction method, beneficiary & relation to you, frequency, amount, recency, reason…).

Should you have concealed these transactions, then you’d better hope that FINCEN wasn’t clued in on these. Otherwise you will be confronted with these findings by the investigator.
Depending on the reasons you didn’t list them (and other factors), your personal conduct will also be adjudicated on top of the foreign influence/preference (simple omission vs a lie…).

Thank you for clarification. One additional question, can money transfers transactions also be identified reviewing bank statements and money transfer financial institutions?