Fired for alcohol and sexual misconduct

I was fired 8 years ago for having sex at work and drinking at work after hours. There was alleged sexual assult but it wasn’t directly noted in the letter I got from HR detailed below.

I just got a contractor job offer and they’re asking me to start with a clearance waiver before the secret clearance comes back. What are the chances I will get denied?

An investigation conducted by Corporate Security and Human Resources has revealed that you have engaged in egregious and inappropriate conduct in the workplace. You admitted to such conduct when you were interviewed on by representatives from Corporate Security and Employee Relations. Your
conduct is in violation of the Code of Conduct as well as policies including but not
limited to the Drug and Alcohol Control and Managing Performance and Conduct through Corrective Action.

People do get fired, and hopefully in the eight years since then you have had no additional incidents like this. Not sure if the adjudicators will want to see some kind of treatment/counseling as well, or if the passage of time alone will be enough.

You may not get an interim clearance with this issue in your background, hopefully that will not be an issue with the employer if you have to wait for the final clearance.