Received Discipline or Warning

Under the employment section, there’s a question that asks whether I received a written warning, been officially reprimanded, suspended, or disciplined for misconduct in the workplace, such as a violation of security policy?

Is this asking whether I have received a written warning before fired/suspended? Please clarify.

Termination need not be a result of discipline or counseling. It is asking whether any of the aforementioned have occurred.

I had a misconduct in prior employment. Will this effect on suitability determination or clearance?

Normally a one time employment issue will not affect eligibility. A history of misconduct will. Not disclosing it when required will definitely affect eligibility.

Note that investigators will usually visit employers and ask to review employment records. In most cases they are given access. Don’t gamble that something like this will somehow be overlooked.

I was fired by misused company credit card points. The employer claimed that I violated the company rules. First of all, there was no signed agreement between employee and employer credit card usage policy since I joined the company in 2013. I never charged on company credit card for personal use. I started to use points in May 2016 and fired in August 2016. I didn’t receive verbal and written warning regarding using points. Does this impact to get clearance?

If it is a one time incident with no past or recent similar conduct then it should not prevent you from being clearance eligible. However, ensure you are up front and forthright about it, don’t sugarcoat or or try to excuse your conduct.