Foreign representative question

I traveled to South Korea last year and met up with a friend who is a US citizen who was on business trip there. My friend works for a US gov’t contractor that does business with the South Korean Army. One night I met up with my friend and his business colleague (who is with the S. Korean Army) for dinner. Other than that one time contact, I have not had any regular contact with any foreign individuals from that visit.

In regards to an SF-86 question if I’ve had any contact with a foreign gov’t its establishment or its representative, should I list this business associate of my friend?

Did the friend of your friend ask any questions about your work or solicit you for information that might seem unusual? If not then it is not required for you to disclose since it had nothing to do with a foreign government or its representatives.However, this is a question you should be asking your FSO.

No, he didn’t ask any questions about my work but you’re right, I’ll check with my FSO.

Thanks Marko