Foreign travel immediately before pursuing clearance job

I am preparing to apply to jobs requiring TSC either in the IC or related contracted work. I have foreign area experience working in a US-allied country (Israel) in an American based company doing similar work. However, this country is the birthplace of one of my parents. I’d live to travel more around the region given I speak several other languages of Middle Eastern origin very well for more cultural experience in countries that the the US federal gov doesn’t encourage to travel to per say. I think this would also mitigate my past experience in a country my family has ties to as well as provide valuable foreign area experience. Would you all recommend do this before applying an agency/contractor?

I am well traveled. I report all of it. It has never been an issue. However, when one says they speak several local languages of that region…yes there are specific countries in that region not viewed favorably by the US Government. That will slow down an investigation. They will want to know where you stayed, what you did there, what types of engagements you had etc. It doesn’t mean you will be denied but I would expect a long, slow drawn out clearance process.