Foreign Travel to Asia?

Countries in question are Manila, Philippines and Seoul, South Korea. I have been there before and any foreign travels are listed on my sf86. But I am not sure how this applies as a current federal employee. I understand that opm has a risk categorization for all countries on their website. I am aware I must report to security of any foreign visits and tell the investigator when the time comes for any changes since.

Will travel have any affect on my clearance process? My family always want me to travel with them but I never did in college because timing was poor. Now working full time there’s the opportunity but it is not clear to me what the procedures are.

You will be questioned on the travel. But don’t let that stop you from traveling.

If you currently hold a clearance, notify your security folks prior to travel IAW your agency requirements. Different agencies have different internal requirements based upon your level of clearance. They will review and approve travel and provide you with the required briefings.

If you don’t currently hold a clearance and are going through the clearance process just keep records of your travel and present them to the investigator when they ask. It isn’t a big deal. Usually, only unreported foreign travel is a big deal. Of course, travel to places like Syria, Yemen, or North Korea would also be big flags but not PI or SK.

I know documentation from travels would be useful like my flight ticket and which hotel I stayed in. Or is this specified during training?

Thanks. Ill definitely notify my agency and do the training ahead of time. I was worried SK and PI would have issues due to close proximity to North Kore but I am over thinking it.