FSO says an unfavorable lvl 3 will revoke my lvel 1 clearance

My manager found out yesterday that the FSO (who has no prior experience as an FSO) unilaterally decided not to activate my Secret clearance in JPAS. She was told to “do it.” This will be the 3rd attempt in 7 months the level 3 has been attempted and the FSO Organization within the company always seems to be the one dropping the ball–primarily this woman.

Her excuse this time was that since I was denied an interim secret, and I have an approved level 1, if the secret were denied, I would lose my level one 1 as well. Now, I also find out that OPM isn’t doing the clearances, some background investigation agency has taken that over that role and I can expect it to take at least 18 months rather than 7-12. The good news is that my position doesn’t require a level 3, the not so good news is that I’m surrounded by a level 3 environment, I even have to ring the Fed Ex delivery bell to be let into the building every morning, My CAC won’t let me in the building and will not allow me to use the .mil NIPR network–quite unusual for this post as a CAC will normally allow both.

My “crime” for not getting a interim I’m guessing is a DUI auto accident I had 15 years ago. Understood. What I do not understand is why the FSO takes it upon herself to be my judge and jury and the last 7 months are wasted because of her. Everyone around me who knows the story says I should not be concerned. In the end, it will work out. However, I also found out today that the government is moving the contract under another PEO organization starting tomorrow and life may, or may not, change for me here. My job security is uncertain without a clearance if for no other reason than I’m the odd person out. I’m a CPA in the job-poor Midwest, not a tech geek, and over 65–in the “get rid of” zone. I have kids at home, this concerns me.

I believe the secret will be adjudicated in my favor if I last that long with the PEO re-org going on, what I don’t know is will the results of the level 3 investigation impact my existing level 1 clearance? I’m hearing scary stories about nits being used these days to deny a clearance that were never an issue in the past. (A person diagnosed with depression, but never took depression meds was denied a clearance. A person who took depression meds for anxiety was denied a clearance. Those sorts of stories.)

Will a level 3 outcome affect my level 1? Thanks to all who take the time to respond.

Lots to address here. First off, no worries on the 15 year old DUI. Second, not being approved for interim Secret, doesn’t mean you will not clear. It usually means “unadjudicated info.” That requires an adjudicator to look at it and make a decision. I can understand if you have an existing Secret with another organization sponsor, get denied an interim secret elsewhere and her believing the other Secret needs shut off. But it doesn’t work that way. If you have an active Secret it should remain active until an adjudicator passes judgement. If they feel you are a threat or a vulnerability for whatever reason, senior management should deny access until it is addressed. If you have nothing to hide, great credit, no recreational drugs, criminal conduct, excessive foreign connections, obligations. or loyalties…you should be okay. When you sign the SF86, you grant permission to the investigator to scope medical records. If your doctor feels there are reasons to not trust you or your judgement…that is grounds for denying the clearance. If one takes medication and it is controlled (whatever it is) you are fine. If anxiety denied folks clearances, nobody would be eligible, including me. New FSO’s…are a lot of bark. Eager to do the right thing. Those of us who been around a while…we know what is in tolerance, what is grey…and what is a no go.

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@amberbunny Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your time in being so thorough with it and I don’t suffer any of the issues you listed. Zero legal issues before or after the DUI accident (no serious injuries BTW), great credit, no foreign (zero) connections or obligations, loyalties I hope are indisputable. Been married 18 years. Have 2 children at home. No issues with the family. Wife’s family came to America generations ago as did mine. I am a Vietnam Era vet honorably discharged. Medical records shouldn’t be an issue–although I was diagnosed with PTSD some years back (due to the auto accident.). I don’t know that anyone in the Midwest considers it as a viable diagnosis–certainly the VA did not mostly because it was not service related and involved a legal infraction like DUI. Anxiety is a symptom I use prescription medication for, but arthritic pain (I’m 68), allergies to the pain medication (it creates anxiety as a side affect), and asthma have as much to do with that as anything. Looking to get off of that; however, the solution involves being put on an antidepressant (Zoloft, an SSRI used for anxiety) that I’ve avoided like the plague due to this darn clearance investigation. Want my medical records to be as short and sweet as possible.

If antidepressants were reason to deny a clearance, we could empty Washington DC, lol. Have no worries of the prescribed meds endangering the clearance. Discuss with the doctor, ask if in their opinion it would medically disqualify you. Because the BI person will seek your medical records. If the situation is controlled and not likely to cause bad behavior, you will be fine. I would not recommend “not seeing a doctor” just to get cleared. That may appear to be dodging the review of the records. Boldly move forward with seeking help, and asking the doc their professional opinion. If they give you pause…then pause.

@amberbunny you’re a shot in the arm–in a good way. Thank you again for the supportive replies.