Full scope poly suicide attempt

Will i be ok if i attempted to end my life a couple years ago by oversdosing on over the counter pills? It was once and I noted my voluntary hospitalization and have received consistent treatment since. I was medically discharged a while back for it and am now doing well in another job.


A recent suicide attempt is going to make it much harder to obtain federal employment that requires a security clearance. The polygraph may serve as a convenient excuse for disqualifying you.

Damn, are circumstances not even considered? How long to find out if I failed? Why would the polygrapher even continue the exam after i disclosed this?

Circumstances may be considered, but any agency is going to consider an applicant who attempted suicide two years ago to be a potential problem hire. With respect to the polygraph, typically, you’ll know at the end of the session whether you’ve failed or not, because it is standard practice to accuse the subject of deception and to attempt to elicit admissions after a “significant response” chart. A polygraph operator will typically continue the session even after an admission such as yours in order to obtain further adjudicatively significant information.

I did a CI poly years ago and was told at the end i failed but after a couple days i found out i passed. During my FSP this guy didn’t say i failed he just asked me if i had any questions. I asked about timeline and I was just told me no news is good

The absence an accusation of deception and post-test interrogation is generally a good indication that one has passed the polygraph.

Actually just got news I passed. Hopefully anyone anxious about something similar in the future can see this and be at ease.


Glad to hear. Big hug for enduring. Poly’s are gratuitously stress filled. Glad you
Passed. Happy you are syill weith y
Us. Have no fears about seeking mental health, counseling and even using meds. I hot several through the process up to and including poly.