Previous Polygraph - New tentative Job Offer

Hello, I appreciate any help in advance.

2 years ago I went through a hiring process at Fort Meade. I failed a polygraph terribly. ( I got nervous and was accused of lying/deceptive. I admitted to stuff I didn’t even do). Yes, I know it was dumb of me, but I always get extremely nervous during polys. I got a letter saying I was not being considered at that time.

Now I have a tentative offer with another federal agency as a GS12, that doesn’t require a poly.

My question is: If I failed a polygraph with a federal agency 2 years ago, will I not be able to possess a clearance or pass a federal background?

I do not believe failing a poly, alone, would prevent you from holding a clearance. However, if the failure was based upon information you revealed during the poly, that information might disqualify you. It would depend upon what the information was.


I am not sure that this is correct, especially if this is not with the same agency AND does not require another poly. As long as there is nothing in your current application that would be a disqualifier I believe a prior federal application activities should not have any direct bearing on present eligibility.

Failing a poly won’t make you fail to get a clearance. The adjudication guidelines prevent this.
However, an agency can and will make you fail suitability. It still means you don’t get the job. Which sucks. However, you didn’t fail to get the clearance so you don’t need to report it.

That means, to answer your question, failing a poly from a different agency won’t prevent you from getting a clearance at another agency.

@zsnafu I am not sure what you mean by “agency can and will make you fail suitability”. I think the OP already indicated that the Fort Meade job from 2 years ago is water under the bridge due to poly issue, so the concern is how that instance will affect present application with different federal agency. I think as long as the current SF86 (or whatever form was needed for the second job) is complete and accurate without any disqualifiers, then the OP should be ok.