Failed Polygraph at Local Police Station

That was about 1.5 years ago. It was for a job at a local station. Now I want to enlist in military. I am wondering if this would come up in their BI, specifically an SF-85. And if I should disclose this to the recruiter.

When the first poly was a bust, despite having done nothing. I was allowed to come back for a retake; and same result. I just about fell apart. The person conducting it was sympathetic, and told me that it happens. And that the station had people working there who had gone through the same thing, and that I’d be allowed to apply again after some time had passed. Also stated that it wouldn’t leave the station.

But now I’ want to enlist in the military and am pretty concerned over it. It may not leave the station for regular jobs but I think the federal government is a different story isn’t it? I have no criminal records of any kind and at the local PD I never filled out any kind of Federal government form like an SF-86.

As I understand Federal and Local investigations are different beasts all together. And its never a great idea to volunteer more information than they ask for lest you make their job more of a headache than its worth. But I’m wondering what the correct course of action is.

The correct course is not to mention it. SF-86 does not ask about unsuccessful non-federal applications for employment.

Furthermore the forms do not ask about jobs that you applied for and did not get.

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Apologies for necroing a dead thread, but after spending a bit more time reading here I have to ask. Is this like an expunged record? When they told me it wouldn’t leave the station is this what they meant? And does the recruiter and meps only check criminal records?

Don’t ask me where exactly, i can’t remember, but i remember either being asked by an investigator or filling out a form specifically asking, “have you EVER taken a polygraph?”.