Previous background / polygraph question

If a sf85p moderate background investigation is being conducted, what data bases are information on individuals background being pulled from? If a person had a background investigation for employment conducted by a police department, is that something that can be found on any of these databases or is that only going to be found if the applicant tells an investigator this? Is there some kind of mark or signature in the data base from the department showing they had looked at the information? Same thing with the polygraph, is there a national database for those or are those records only kept by the agency where the polygraph is conducted? Thank you in advance!

It sounds like you are worried about a discrepancy in information you did or did not disclose. In any case, police departments do not run federal background investigations, therefore no data is kept by any federal agency regarding the results. However, you are required to list all employment and a check of your security and personnel files may disclose any issues that were uncovered. Polygraphs work the same way, federal versus civilian. There is always a chance, especially in today’s information sharing environment, that the results may be released.

Sir, Thank you for your quick response. I filled out the Sf85p , which I had no negative information on that. I did have to fill out a supplemental questionnaire form asking specifically if I had ever committed a misdemeanor or felony. This is where the polygraph question comes into play. I had went through the hiring process with a police department and had taken a polygraph.Since I was not hired, I would think this polygraph and background would not be on any record federal or local unless it was asked for at the police station from the recruiting department. Does this sound about correct?

If you were not hired for the position then more than likely those results will never see the light of day because you were never employed by them. Be aware, however, that agencies like the FBI do keep application results and provide those with derogatory information to OPM on regular basis for investigations.

I realize this is an older post but just came across it while scrolling. Are you telling “ffiggs88” the FBI keeps background investigations and polygraphs from state and local agencies on file and reports them to OPM?

Not polygraphs because OPM has no authority to require one. Just information on investigations involving the subject of the background investigation.

Wondering if they ever uncovered your prior application to the police dept. I am in the same boat, applied to a local PD, failed poly and was never employed. I applied for a volunteer role. Everything was on paper, the only electronic item I did in the process was fingerprinting. I am not in a TS investigation but no clue if that will be uncovered??