Prior polygraph

I’m in the process of a TS clearance. Almost two years ago, I applied for my local police department to be a volunteer in the office. My application was on paper. I interviewed and they asked me a lot of sexual questions. I was fingerprinted electronically and polygraphes. I failed the polygraph. They thought I lied. I passed the first two times and failed the last three times with the same set of questions. My question is, will that all come up? There are no questions about it in the SF86 but I was fingerprinted electronically. Will it come up in the process?

Just be honest, it shouldnt be a problem.

Ok. I plan to be but my question is whether it will actually come up. There was nothing on the SF-86 that asks about it.

No, if you didn’t do anything don’t mention it. You’re just creating extra work for the investigator by telling him/her. A poly result is not the same as a material fact.

It depends on the agency. Some of the internal applications ask if you have ever held a clearance and whether or not you have taken a polygraph, who conducted, etc.

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I think if the same questions came up it is going to show. Only you know why certain questions caused issues. I know all Poly stinks. They all cause distress and anxiety. Much of that is generated by ourselves. But if you were far outside the general guidelines, you need consider why. Many times you have a similar but not criminal situation requiring explanation.

Ah yes I forgot about this. Thanks for bringing it up. I was asked this for a specific agency.

I would not bring it up either. Unless specifically asked. So don’t make statements such as “I know how this works, been there done that.” Let them hook you up and test. Keep in mind if you stress out over a certain question that gets too close to something you did or something you regret, you can generate readings that will be interpreted as stress…and that is considered an issue. It doesn’t measure lies specifically, just physiological responses, most of which we have little control over. But if there is a certain something you are guilty of and they get close too it…and it causes stress…is it something you can discuss without incriminating yourself? Tough situation. Rock…hard place.

Yeah and also the poster didn’t even mention if his/her clearance even requires a future poly.

My clearance does not require a poly. It was not a question on my SF-86 either. I was poly’d by a city government police department. The whole process was on paper except for the fingerprints. The questions they asked and wrote down were about my sexual history which would be an issue. I likely failed because I think there were other issues I barely recalled (was drunk) that I didn’t report. I’m just curious if during the TS investigation, that would be uncovered even if not inquired of me and I did not offer it up. Say, they can see I was fingerprinted by that police dept and they ask why.

I would think it is up for discussion. I’m not going to ask you to tell us what situation you were in sexually, but if you crossed a line or maybe crossed a line…and if that stresses you out…it may come up. There are a lot of variables in there based on the extremes of what you are implying may have happened.Does this necessarily disqualify you forever for any position of trust? Maybe. Only you and the others involved in that/those situations know the level to which it arose.But if they askif there is anything yu would like to discuss or another open ended question and your readings go off the chart…they will peel back the onion. a

Thank you! But will the investigator even know about it going in to my clearance investigation if it’s not asked and I don’t offer it? Will it pop up on their background process that I had a poly with a city police dept? I don’t need a poly for my TS.

It can come up in small talk that seems “off the record,” but nothing is off the record. If they ask if you have any familiarity with Poly…how would you answer that? If you say “I took one with the police prior,” and you show no work history with the police…it begs the question of “gee, what happened there…” Mind you I worked in LE and as an investigator for many years so maybe only my mind follows that track listening for the unasked question or the un stated statement. I do know that if a person has difficulty passing a poly, and they meet with the adjudictor and discuss in private why something is causing you to show deception or stress you can explain why. If it is logical they understand. Now if you confess to rape or sexual assault…that opens another can of worms. Very different than saymutual intoxication and consensual sexual contact that you feel would not have happened had you been sober. You can feel terrible about that and it can cause stress even if neither of you feel it was assault.

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So it never came up. Now my question is whether it will appear in some database while the investigation is going on. Everything was paper based when I went through the process at the local PD. Does it pop up regardless when searches are done?

I wouldnt worry about it. Its not like you are withholding the fact you took one, they just never asked.