failed a polygraph a year ago

Hello all. I have a question about my current application process. I failed a polygraph about a year ago for CBP and did not move forward with the application process (obviously). I am now in the application process for the Marshals. I have met with the BI and paperwork has been sent to the adjudicators. Will a failed polygraph cause my clearance to be denied for the Marshals?

I am not hiding anything now, nor was I during the polygraph for CBP. I have no idea what caused me to fail. The only thing I can think of, is I had forgotten to list my fathers new wife and a half-sibling in my sf-86 for CBP (I didn’t do it intentionally- I simply don’t have relationships with them and honestly didn’t even know their names). It was an honest mistake.

On my current application for the Marshals, I made sure to obtain all information and listed everyone! I made sure i answered every answer CAREFULLY/ACCURATELY and TRUTHFULLY. However, I am still nervous that the failed poly will haunt me again. Any input is appreciated.

Two comments:

  1. CBP has (or had) a failure rate that was much much higher than any other agency using the poly.
  2. I’ve heard of other people who failed a poly with Agency A and later passed a poly with Agency B.

Not to say you won’t have issues but I think it is worth a try.