Chances Of secret Clearance

So i’m currently in the process for a civilian position with DOD no drug use or criminal background or credit, but i did take a polygraph with CBP and failed, will that effect me in anyway or will DOD request my data from CBP? I’m still personally waiting for my report and submitted a request to FIOA, all i was told is unsuitable for position and i can reapply

According to the latest info (which is from a couple years ago), CBP has a very high failure rate on the polygraph. Chances are it will have no impact on a secret clearance with DoD.

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Yeah their rate of failure is high. Would love to know what standard they use and the metrics on if it reduced employee misconduct. I imagine corruption is the issue. Money, drugs, sex…all used as currency to cross borders. Trying to eliminate those more susceptible to those lures is likely the reason. I believe this requires reporting as a clearance was denied.

I hope so fingers crossed

No I was not denied a clearance thats incorrect

Sorry misunderstood. Was CBC an agency that does Polys first? If so, them saying “not suitable” is not a denial. You were not investigated. Many agencies conduct the polygraph last…in those cases it can be a denial.

Yes poly was done first, its alright we all make mistakes.

Keep us posted. The mysterious “man behind the wall” or robot using AI that makes that determination…really impacts human beings.

I submitted a person who did not get through CBC poly. They passed and made it with our client.