Further Mental Health Investigation

I submitted my forms for a L Clearance at the beginning of January 2019 and had my interview toward the end of February 2019. At the time, my investigator said that my mental health hospitalization, due to depression in April 2017, would probably not be an issue. However, I received a letter in the mail last week asking for extensive information regarding all of mental health treatments, etc.

Has anyone had to go through this extra investigation before? Without divulging my past (I would be fine with explaining the gist of it if necessary), is there any hope of me still passing? I will say that this is the only thing that would hold me back because the rest of my record is clean (no financial issues, foreign contacts, drug usage, arrests, etc.). I can’t seem to find anything about this additional investigation anywhere, so that already makes me incredibly worried.

The letter simply means the adjudicator needs additional information before making a decision. This is not common but not rare either.

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Will the adjudicator typically contact the applicant if there is something that could be potentially disqualifying to give the applicant an opportunity to explain themselves before a final decision is made?

Absolutely true, you are always given an opportunity to respond before and after a decision is made.

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that is the SOR if you are a contractor.

In reality, no. They don’t have to allow you to respond before a denial. They will deny you and you can appeal the decision.