Getting secret clearance after having a COI rescinded

I recently got my offered rescinded for an internship from an agency in the IC back in November. I was sent a letter which told me I was found unsuitable for employment, but that I could claim I never actually got a security clearance denied. Currently I have a job offer from a non federal company that requires I be able to get a secret clearance. I’m not sure but I may have to have an interim clearance to work there over the summer. Does my rescinded offer prevent me from being able to work at this company?

Suitability and Security Clearance are two different things. However if you were deemed unsuitable because of a reason you would be denied clearance for then you might have an uphill battle trying to get clearance.

It seems that it is difficult to compare actions in the IC community from the actions of other agencies requiring clearance. As noted above, suitability and clearance are two different things. A suitability denial could simply mean that the skill set requirement changed and they no longer want to offer you the position OR that the particular issue that they are concerned about makes you a bad fit for the particular position you were considered for. OR . . . The issue in question will also prevent you from getting a clearance.

The answer isn’t always the same. I suspect that you have a pretty good idea why you were determined unsuitable. You don’t have to share it here but you might get some pretty good advice.

What was the REASON for being deemed Unsuitable? Was it because you didn’t have the academic requirements for the internship or something uncovered in a check. You don’t have to be interviewed for them to discover something in your background. Lots of people are rooted out during computer checks.

My poly seemed to go decently even though I did need two. I think it was something that was uncovered in my background check.

Then you’re probably toast. You should know what it is.