HELP! OPM letter... am I granted a clearance?

I received a certified letter from OPM today that says the following (in part):

“On your standard form 86 you admitted to using marijuana 2 to 3 times in August 2016. Although marijuana is legal under some state laws it is listed as a schedule one drug according to the federal government and is illegal under federal law.

The information surfaced during your investigation was of concern to us, but was not serious enough to warrant a negative fitness determination, deny permission to work on the NBI be contract, use the personal investigation processing systems, use NBI be equipment, or deny access to NBI be facilities.

We have made a favorable decision and are taking no action in your case other men to issue this letter of advisement.”

Does this mean I was approved for my clearance?! I’m really excited but want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding!

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Yes lol! Now go do great things for our country!


Is this for an investigator job? OPM doesnt usually grant clearances otherwise.

I’ve heard of clearances being granted with a “letter of concern” or something like that, so it sounds like that is what is going on here.


Yep for an investigator job.

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OK, well, don’t do drugs, m’kay? Drugs are bad, m’kay?

And those of you in Denver, watch out for folks wandering around like zombies who have been eating magic mushrooms :slight_smile:


@Jmp1013… congratulations!!!


Thanks! Anyone have any idea when the next NIPT for SCIS is?

New information… I spoke with the woman with OPM who sent me the letter. She said OPM part is complete but the DOD has to approve it now…

Does that mean I don’t actually have it yet and who knows how much longer I’ll wait??

Hmm… I wonder if that is related to the New World Order where the investigations and adjudications all move under DoD?