Hospitalization 25 years ago

I had a mental health hospitalization over 25 years ago, when I was a senior in high school, that I now have to report on my SF-86. It was due to a suicide attempt. The surrounding circumstances were issues in my family and my parents actually separated while I was in the hospital. The counselors facilitated that. I am concerned about this affecting either my interim clearance or my final clearance. I will sign the medical release form, of course, but I don’t even know what medical records there are this many years later. Should I be worried?

I believe that question is treated as a 7/10 year look back only. It isn’t a “have you ever” question. So if it happened 25 years ago, and you recovered to the degree one can as a teenager in high stress…I believe you will be fine. Getting help isn’t a problem. Going without help can be. Even if currently medicated, if the situation is controlled with medication and counseling I predict it is not a factor.

Hospitalization is an “ever” question. But this is not a big deal.

I don’t think anybody can answer that question. Interim has been discussed and shared thoroughly on this forum. If you have an opportunity to read about that, you will learn that agencies normally do not “give out” interims even with those with a squeaky clean record.

I believe that Amber and Investigator721 are saying that this issue, alone, should not deter you from being favorably adjudicated.

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There are no words on that question asking “ever.” Regardless, if the issue was overcome or is controlled, mental health issues are not used to decline a clearance.

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