Mental Health Question - SHORT FUSE TIMING

I appreciate any assistance with the following situation:

2004 - I voluntarily admitted to a local hospital’s mental unit for some help. This hospital has since closed and I have no idea what happened to the records. Stay was no more than 48 hours; no issue with release. No medication, no follow-up.

2005 - Received a conditional offer from a 3-letter agency that was eventually revoked, but no reason stating why.

2008 - Completed an eQIP and stated the following in the mental health section:
Grief counseling involved a 48 hour stay in in-patient unit - Nov. 2004. Follow-ups with a professional from Sept. 2005 until Dec. 2005.
I cannot determine what happened with this investigation.

2010/2014 - Successfully completed two Public Trust investigations.

Now, I am up for a secret clearance after being in the private sector for a few years.

The questions have changed for Question 21.

Do I disclose the inpatient event from 16 years ago? I cannot be sure of what the records say; but I am wary of disclosing anything that would solicit more questions.

read Q21 and answer honestly. Anything else endangers your clearance results

Comfort is not one of the vetting concerns though you can expect to be treated professionally. So approach the questionnaire as a professional.

The SF 86 form advises answering, ‘no,’ in certain specific situations.

You can answer “no” if:

  • You’ve received counseling strictly related to adjustment from service in combat
  • You’ve received counseling strictly related to marital or family issues (not court ordered or related to violence you have committed), or grief issues
  • You’re a victim of sexual assault who received counseling related to that trauma.

I thought this was only on the OLD SF86; I didnt see it on this one.

It is on both, the old SF-86 only asked one question, the new one has several, the last of which instructs you to answer no if related to marital, family, grief, etc.

As backgdinvestigator already said, answer honestly and let the process work.