How do I become a cleared contractor

I have a client that wants me to be a cleared employer so I hold our resources clearance. I already have a bunch of people working there with various hiring managers. But they would like me to place IT people in certain areas but I must hold their clearances. How do I become of get status to hold these employees of mine clearance.

For what government agency? DoD? DoE? Homeland?

Ed my client is a defense contractor. I need to be a cleared company to hold their clearances. How do I become a cleared company

I can’t answer that question but I know that those who can would need to know what agency you looking for.

My guess is that this is not a simple process. If I have some time tonight, I’ll do a little research.

It sounds like to me what you want to receive a facility security clearance (FCL), yes? I am not en expert, but I would start with Defense Security Services ( and and go from there.

However, it might be more quicker if you can get some answers from the Government Procuring Contracting Officer or the contractor’s Contract Manager/Administrator on one of your classified contracts. There is a chance that they might refer you to an industrial security specialist/manager or a facility security officer.

@amberbunny, do you have some ideas or suggestions?


The requirement exists with the position seats, owned by the client. If your client has positions they want you to fill with cleared people…it begins there. Once you have a contract that states "provide X number Secret cleared IT people, Y number TS cleared IT people, etc., then you have the requirement. I agree the servicing DSS office for the region where the seats are located is the best place to start. My company HQ is about 4 hours from my work site, and they have a separate rep and that can cause confusion, but start with where the seats are, and then expand to where your office is. It may be a joint servicing office. If you will not possess classified at your location…you will not need inspections, but you will need a security manager/FSO/CSO to administer the program, JPASS, Equip (or new product), conduct initial and annual training, inspect their offices to make sure employees comply with storage, marking etc. Some clients provide that aspect of the program. I need not inspect the physical holdings of our 400 cleared employees. I do accomplish the security screening interviews, submit those with reasonable chances of clearing and track through the system, along with providing initial and annual training, foreign national contact reporting, travel reporting, outside activities etc.