How hard is it to break into the field as a contract investigator as a retirement job?

I’m going to be retiring from police work soon and I’m thinking of options for a retirement job to supplement my pension. I’ve got some experience in the field. I used to be CI agent for the army and did SF-86 investigations when I was stationed OCONUS. I got out of the army and spent some time working inside at Omnisec before I got hired with the PD so I’m a little familiar with how it used to work.

I’d like to get credentialed as a contract investigator and do some work on the side. Unfortunately the field has apparently changed and there are a bunch of new companies in the mix.I also don’t have a clearance anymore so I have to find a company that is willing to give me one.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is this a viable retirement plan? If so, which companies are an option?


I know Keypoint hires 1099’s (non-credentialed) regularly, unless things have changed in the past year. Just about everyone on this board wouldn’t recommend them for obvious reasons.

Can’t speak to CACI, SCIS, or CSRA. To my knowledge people are generally FTE’s who switch to 1099. You may have luck with ISN or 1Force. Omniplex does DHS/ICE BI’s.

As for a retirement gig, I wouldn’t recommend it. The OPM payout rates haven’t changed in years and you don’t get reimbursed for mileage. Unless you’re in an area where the payout more than makes up for the mileage, I just can’t recommend it over FTE.

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I am retired military and I am a Full Time Investigator with a contractor company. It has its perks (working from home, setting your own schedule, .53 cents a mile you drive) but it also is very boring job. A lot of typing and asking people to rehash bad decisions in their life but you really don’t do any real investigating your more like clarifier and form reader/explainer. Are you asking to be 1099 investigator or about working for a Government Contractor company?

I’m talking about being a 1099 employee as an independent contractor credentialed through several contractor companies… I’ve had a pretty exciting career up until now so I don’t mind some boring interviews!