How to do I report misconduct if I am a non security clearance holder?

My ex girlfriend who I worked with at the same company and on the same team had a domestic violence incident recently involving each other. She has submitted her information in January for a secret security clearance and I want to know how I can go about reporting her fraudulent acts. First off she married someone to help them stay in the country five years ago, they never lived together nor do her two sons know about this situation at all and I do not believe that she fully disclosed this on her clearance documents. Secondly both she and her spouse filed false income tax returns to the government by saying that he was single and she was head of household for the last 2 years at least for which I have proof of as well. I also have a personal diary of hers that says in her own words how and when she met the man she married as well as a signed letter from the mans aunt that they knew of each other for two years which is not true also that was presented to the government when he got his green card. He is trying to bring over his daughter now supposedly and that’s why they are still married. Also she has lovers that she documents in detail in her journal after she just got married less then three months after the fact.

I also have proof that she has omitted information on her income and living status with me in order to obtain food stamps and a income controlled apartment which I lived in with her. She also omitted the fact that she was married in her sons custody case back in September as well as me living with her at the time.

I was thinking to go to the FBI and ICE reguarding this information and then to her employer as well as security office at her job. Please advise.

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acta est fabula plaudite


She told me at the time that she disclosed that I was living with her and details about our relationship which at the time was of a romantic nature. She also has foreign contacts that she says she disclosed about that she has had an intimate relationship with in the past and is still talking to now at this time. She admitted that her marriage is a sham and again my issue is that she has a pattern of committing fraudulent acts that can be proven both now and in the past. She has a felony conviction from over 10 years ago for fraud as well.

Question . . . Why? Revenge? Acting in the interest of national security? Just don’t want to have to work with her any more?

If you have knowledge of criminal acts, they should have been reported at the time. You may end up having problems because you are tied to her during all of this. I don’t know.

You say that she just applied for clearance in January? Her investigation hasn’t even started yet. Much of this could easily come out in the investigation.