I have an open court case in another state

So I’m on a security clearance for a new job opportunity, Its working with Tricare west thus health-net federal services, just as a CSR. The previous two background checks both credit and general background came up positive since I’m working at the moment. The issue at hand is I am worried about my e-qip, I have an open court case, that I am working on. The charge is for misdeamenor trespassing that has a bench warrant due to no show for court. In a whole different state at that. I explained on the e-qip that communication with the state appointed attorney has been not successful in scheduling a new court date, in addition to covid. I have no felonies or anything else that would otherwise disqaulify me, except that I worked at a gentlemens club during college, but I highly doubt that would cause issues. please help. any advice is helpful and well appreciated.

To be honest, the open court case is more than likely going to be an issue regardless if it was a felony or misdemeanor and due to it not being closed with a disposition. Also, the adjudicators may look at you working in the Gentlemen’s club as a red flag but, overall just be open and honest with them.

The bench warrant, and the misdemeanor trespassing, is more of a concern than the gentleman’s club, unless you were involved in illegal activity at the employment.