If a company pulled me under their cage code then why would I show as INACTIVE

I posted a couple of weeks ago about wondering how I got approved for a job and was told by them that they pulled me under their CAGE code so I would not fall out of scope since my 2 years out of active duty was at the end of February. They said they did cage it before then.

I had applied for a couple of other jobs just in case things fell through with this job and I was told by this company that my clearance was showing as inactive because I was past the 2 years. She also informed me that if the other company I was working with had pulled me under their cage code that it wouldn’t show as inactive.

I will add on that I have not been INDOC with the first company yet and I am in the process of that paperwork now.

Why would it show as me being inactive if my clearance is caged?

So can anyone offer some insight on this? I plan on contacting the FSO from this company tomorrow, but I am a little worried right about it.

EDIT: I wanted to add that back in January before I was even approved for this job that when the company looked up my information in JPAS that it showed as active.