If I am denied TS/SCI, will I lose my existing Secret clearance


I hold a DoD Secret clearance and am applying for a TS/SCI. I plan to admit on my SF86 to a SINGLE use of Marijuana while possessing my Secret clearance (3 years ago).

First of all, am I likely to be denied the TS because I used illegal drugs while possessing a security clearance?

Second of all, if denied, could I lose my existing Secret clearance?



The issue here is not the one time use of marijuana, but rather the fact that you did while holding a clearance when you knew it was against the rules. That being said, the circumstances of the use, your age, and a declaration of abstaining for all future use would help mitigate it. If you were required to disclose it previously and did not then that would count against you. Many factors are weighed in and it also depends on the position you are in and applying for and the adjudicating agency stance on this issue, so it could go both ways, that is the best I can advise you.