TS/SCI clearance eligibility for government job


If a person received an Other than Honorable discharge from the military for the use of Marijuana, will he/she be eligible to obtain a Top Secret/ Sensitive Compartmented Information Clearance?

I would say it depends on how long ago this event took place and what the person’s background looks like since then. Another factor would be if the person was using illegal drugs while holding a security clearance.

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As mentioned, mitigating factors are important here. How long ago was the issue, what were the circumstances, etc.

Pretty much every military member has some level of a clearance so I’d be concerned about that part of it. Marijuana use is one thing, marijuana use while holding a security clearance is another, bigger issue.

Of course the SCI part of the equation is where it gets even trickier. Are there other issues in your case? That will also be important.

I would just be very honest and hope for the best.