ELS from Military and Security Clearance Approval


I have an interview coming up for a position that requires a Secret security clearance. I am worried about being denied as I received an Entry Level Separation from the Marine Corps in 2006 for anxiety/depression/failure to adjust after expressing suicidal ideations. I believe I was too immature to handle the intensities of boot camp at the time and had not yet adequately dealt with some painful experiences I’d endured in the past. I had ample time to grow after getting out and went on to successfully graduate from a well respected university with top honors and have been gainfully employed ever since. I have not experienced any major mental health concerns since receiving my ELS and have never had any run ins with the law.

My only other concern involves prior drug use during college. I obtained a medicinal marijuana license from a physician while I was in school to help with anxiety and difficulty sleeping, but I found that a regular exercise regimen when coupled with regulating my diet helped far me more. I have not used it since 2014 and have no intention of doing so ever again.

I fully intend to disclose all of this, what do you think my chances of being granted a clearance are?

Anything that happened 10 years ago without recurrence is mitigated by time, so the military discharge is not an issue. IAs far the as the drug use, for a Secret level clearance it will not be an issue. Even at the Top Secret level it can be mitigated, but would depend on the position and agency. Just be aware that having a marijuana prescription for anxiety will be followed up with the medical professional during the course of the investigation.

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