If you want to work for KeyPoint, you better get a friend

Apparently the new DPD has brought in his own friends from USIS and hired them at twice the pay of the employees already in those positions. I know of multiple employees who have worked for the company for years, in the same positions, with no raises or reviews that are making half of what the new employees are. Apparently if you want to make good money there, all you have to do is laugh at the guys jokes and make him feel important.

Who cares? That happens in corporate America daily. Sour grapes if you are on the outside of this circle of friends. All you can do is give yourself a “raise” by claiming OT not worked weekly. KP will never figure it out.

CACI has been pretty good so far. Pay increases are very possible and given when deserved.


Will all due respect, I don’t know where you get off saying such B.S. KPGS only rewards hard work, quality work, and professionalism. Ply your negative trade elsewhere, pal. I can speak for issuedetector when I say your comments are yawn.

Right Eric? My BFF. Dude, give me a call, we’ll go four-wheeling in our Jeeps. I don’t have my Jeep yet, but I’m hoping to trade in my 10-year old Ford Escort for a 2000 Jeep TJ SE with a rebuilt engine if I get that level move to 6!

Only e. Hess is allowed to drive new Jeep. He is CEO after all. If u “claim” enough unworked OT you too may achieve such status.